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PlayoutONE Pro comes with the incredible WebVT® system which allows your talent and content providers to easily record voice tracks, uploaded pre-prepared audio and manipulate their logs remotely wherever they have a web browser.

Not only does PlayoutONE Pro come with the fantastic WebVT®, but it also comes with LiveMIC which extends the WebVT® capabilities and allows your content providers and talent to remotely broadcast live with no latency, control the log and play quick keys

Using File Copy and Auto Importer you can completely automate the process of downloading, recording or uploading audio, processing, marking and importing to PlayoutONE Pro.

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Broadcast from anywhere with WebVT and LiveMIC

Take the studio on the road with our browser-based remote broadcasting system WebVT®. Just plug in a microphone and you’re good to go.

Record voice tracks straight into the system with a full segue editor and volume envelope control. You can even play local or station audio along with your voice.

Broadcasting live on location is just one click away with LiveMIC. You’ll hear a low-latency feed from the studio, with mic controls and audio ducking options.

You’ve got full control over the live log.

Each user gets their own login and it lets you manage media across your station.

So if your traffic manager needs to get the updated commercial copy in, or your head of music has got the surprise new release ready to play, they can log in from anywhere and keep all the audio up to date.


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