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April 29, 2024/

Commercial Production We are proud to announce the official launch of our Commercial Production service backed by our award winning team, with over 30 years combined experience in creating winning campaigns. Script Writing Full Production Bespoke Music Full Sung Jingle Adverts Huge bank of voices Reach out to or…

April 29, 2024/

Streaming servers in our 100% renewable powered streaming farm in the UK. Fast Activation Secure Checkout 100% Renewable Powered 99.9999% Uptime Free SSL Links Auto Dj and Backup DAB contribution links Custom Players Advanced Stats Full API accsess Cover Art and Now Playing intergration Bespoke packs available Not ready to…

April 29, 2024/

14 / 30 / 90 / 365 day Recording of your radio station What is AutoPod? AutoPod records your station output 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, automatically transforming your shows into Podcasts based on your schedule and making them available to listeners on your website or in…

April 28, 2024/ Unlimited possibilities. Zetta’s user interface feels instantly comfortable regardless of how long you have worked in radio. Zetta provides unlimited customization – use modules as building blocks to set up layouts as simple, or as complex as you want them to be – the possibilities are infinite when it…

April 28, 2024/ Live is now available as installed option on our cloud VM’s and best of all the base playout is FREE, you can enhance the system by adding modules as needed:  Voice Tracking Built In Music Scheduler Remote Management Advanced Scheduling Schedule adverts (commercials or spots) into your broadcast. Schedule…

April 28, 2024/ With more than 25 years of experience developing mission critical software used by thousands of radio stations around the world, we are proud to introduce the all new Myriad 6 Playout, the ultimate connected and flexible solution for stations of all types and sizes. Myriad 6 has been built…

April 28, 2024/ PlayoutONE Pro comes with the incredible WebVT® system which allows your talent and content providers to easily record voice tracks, uploaded pre-prepared audio and manipulate their logs remotely wherever they have a web browser. Not only does PlayoutONE Pro come with the fantastic WebVT®, but it also comes with…

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