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April 28, 2024/ Unlimited possibilities. Zetta’s user interface feels instantly comfortable regardless of how long you have worked in radio. Zetta provides unlimited customization – use modules as building blocks to set up layouts as simple, or as complex as you want them to be – the possibilities are infinite when it…

April 28, 2024/ Live is now available as installed option on our cloud VM’s and best of all the base playout is FREE, you can enhance the system by adding modules as needed:  Voice Tracking Built In Music Scheduler Remote Management Advanced Scheduling Schedule adverts (commercials or spots) into your broadcast. Schedule…

April 28, 2024/ With more than 25 years of experience developing mission critical software used by thousands of radio stations around the world, we are proud to introduce the all new Myriad 6 Playout, the ultimate connected and flexible solution for stations of all types and sizes. Myriad 6 has been built…

April 28, 2024/ PlayoutONE Pro comes with the incredible WebVT® system which allows your talent and content providers to easily record voice tracks, uploaded pre-prepared audio and manipulate their logs remotely wherever they have a web browser. Not only does PlayoutONE Pro come with the fantastic WebVT®, but it also comes with…

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